Blythe Waters 2024 Match Results

Match Results For 2024

Match results for Sun 14th Jan 2024 on Cherries pool
This was the last winter league match run by the previous management of Blythe Waters.
1st,  Peg 29, 30lb 9oz
2nd, Peg 16, 24lb 8oz
3rd, Peg 26, 23lb 1oz
4th, Peg 9, 19lb 1oz
11 fished
Moor Lane A.C match results on Bridge pool
Wilnecote Club A.C match results on Cherries pool.
Open match results on Bridge Pool 20.03.2024
1. Dave O’neill 106lb
2. Alister Fraser 43lb 10oz
3. Micky Stokes 36lb 10oz
Open Match results for Bridge pool 10.04.2024
1st Phill Hunt,
33lb 5oz
2nd Martin Woolley,
32lb 12oz
3rd Mark Daley,
13lb 4oz

Open Match results for Bridge pool 28.04.2024

1st Jack Shirley

54lb 5oz

2nd Chris Hallows

53lb 10oz

3rd Philip Hunt

35lb 1oz

Open Match results for Cherries Pool 12.05.2024

1st Chris Hallows

49lb 12oz

2nd Malcolm Hallows

34lb 4oz

3rd Gail Hooper

31lb 12oz

Chelmsley Wood Conservative Match results on Willow Pool 12.05.2024

1st J. Powett

56lb 11oz

2nd M.Drew

50lb 15oz

3rd J. Howes

25lb 7oz