Perls AC (Pensioners Early Retired lay about society) was started in 1993 by Trevor Bowcott with a total of 8 members. 2021 shows the club with nearly 200 members. The original pensioners club as still going as the 2022 match sheet shows.

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LAST UPDATE: 20 November 2022:

As a club, we’re still alive and kicking, and Trevor is hard at work making sure the club will continue to thrive into 2023 and beyond!

To all our members and friends, we’d like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

We’ll be updating this website so please continue to check back.


Match venues 2022 run by Mick and Linda White



Post Code

May 10th

Burton Farm Heron Pool

CV11 6R

May 24th

Coppice Lane Beckets Pool

WS7 0L

June 7th

Frieʒland Upper pool

CV13 0P

June 21st

Riddings Foley Pool


July 5th

Bridge View Pool

WS15 3QB

July 19th

Fisher wick Match Pool

WF13 8QP

Aug 2nd

Aluchurch Canal Pool

B45 8BW

Aug 16th

Friezland Pams Pool

CV13 0PD

Aug 30th

Bonhill Doughnut

B78 3QS

Sept 13th

Packington Molands 30-60


Sept 27th

Hawkbury Hall Fishery

CV12 9H

Oct 4th

Packington Little Geavyies



Knock Out matches 2-4-6-8-10-12

Averages over all matches

Membership of the club is by invitation only

It is full at the moment
The club will be 30 years old in 2023

Waters run by PERLS AC have been divided into sections as shown below: –

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