Angling is Great For Your Health

PERLS Angling Club encourage participation within the sport of angling and we’d like to take this opportunity to explain some the health and well-being benefits that participants experience.

A study undertaken by The Royal College of Psychiatrists include on their website the following statments:-

  • “Angling through active engagement can help young people regulate their emotions, escape stressful lives and find comfort in nature.”
  • “Angling can promote new protective factors in young people, such as resilience, coping skills and a network of social relationships.”
  • “For young people who do not find school dynamics easy, angling can increase self-confidence, help form positive friendships and lead to new responsibilities.”
  • “As a moderate nature-based activity, angling is accessible to older people and can be used to improve fitness and health, as well as promote relaxation and enjoyment.”
  • “Angling can encourage physical activity amongst a range of different demographics i.e., amongst the inactive, those suffering from serious illness, and the elderly.”