PERLS Club Matches

Match venues 2024:


23rd April Thorpe Constantine – Spring Pool

7th May Friezland- Upper pool

28th May Makins – Reptile pool

11th June Lower Park – Abbey pool

25th June The Riddings – Foileys pool

2nd June (To be confirmed)

20th August Thorpe Constantine -Brook Meadow Pegs 10 to 30

3rd September Bonehill Mill – Large pool

24th September Alvechurch – Canal

8th October – Friezland – Lower pool




The added rules are as follows :

No floating baits.

No raking of margins.

All nets are to be laid out 15 minutes before the match starts.

Fish can only be netted by yourself.

Fish caught between 2 anglers or more must be put back in the water.

Barbless hooks only & to the size of the fishery rules.

Floats must be 6 inches from pole tip.

You can fish to the next peg if empty, but not past.

No balling in of groundbait.

We fish to fishery rules. If the fishery says to use their pellets then do so.

No bait swapping.

No walking to other pegs during a match. Other than the call of nature.

Please follow all other fishery rules.




Membership of the club is by invitation only, currently full.